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CBO letest News

30 Sep

CBO is delighted to introduce an all new reporting Mobile App, bring your field staff information and our services closer to you.

Mobile aaps news

20 Jan

Our Reporting Mobile App is now even more user friendly ensuring a delightful experience on mobile while Tracking DCR, TP, Expense status viewing and much more .

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Pharma Wholesale Software

What We Offer?

Pharma Wholesale Software

CBO Infotech’s is a software developing company that aims to provide dynamic as well as efficient software for the pharmaceutical industry. Our software lets pharmaceutical companies control important aspects of their business ranging from the mundane to the essential.

Our software is aimed at providing pharmaceutical companies with extensive information of their product but not at the expense of being too difficult to understand. We ensure that our software has an easy to understand interface so that anyone will be able to use it without major training. Not only that but our software is the only software that supports all 6 modules of a pharmaceutical company and runs online as well as offline. Our product is also one of the few software that provides a quick conversion to MS Excel should anyone require it. It is this combination of sophistication, flexibility as well as support different entities in a pharmaceutical company that has made our product the best in the business.

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Why Do You Need CBO?


buy Pharma Wholesale Software   Improve Quality Control

buy Pharma Distribution Software   Monitor Product Distribution

buy online Pharma Distribution Software   Adhere To Regulatory Authority Controls

best Pharma Distribution Software   Increase Management Visibility

Pharma Distribution Software India   Improve Efficiencies Between Multiple Production Lines

buy Pharmacy Software India   Control Stock Levels And Minimize Excess Expired Stock

buy online Pharmacy Software India   Achieve Full Traceability Through Multiple Levels Of Manufacture

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